Zero Waste Week 2017 – I Challenge You!

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Zero Waste WeekInternational Zero Waste Week officially starts September 4th – 8th! Started by Rachelle Strauss, this week is used to bring attention to our ever growing waste issues that have plagued this planet. We make a lot of trash, it’s no lie. But what can we do about it? Can one person make a difference?
If you’re new to zero waste living – welcome! Check out my Beginner’s Guide, here
But I’m not here to talk about my 30 days to Zero Waste, I’m here to throw a new challenge at you to commemorate Zero Waste Week! An easy challenge that we will do together throughout the week. Each day will bring a new challenge that, I hope, get your feet wet in zero waste living. Are you ready?

Zero Waste Week 2017

Monday | Meatless Monday
Try going a whole day without eating any animal products. Just by cutting meat out of your diet for 1 single day can save 1100 gallons of water, 45 lbs. of grain, 30 sq. ft. of forested land, and 20 lbs. CO2 equivalent. Isn’t that insane?
If you are wanting some delicious plant based meal ideas, check out my page of meal plans!
Want to go longer than just Monday? Go for it – you can do it!


Tuesday | Nature
Have you ever heard of “Nature Therapy“? After a long work day, put down your laptop, your smart phones, turn off the TV and go outside! Are we all just a horde of mindless zombies draining a colossal amount of energy staring at screens? 
Get on your bike, go to the park, go somewhere to enjoy what you are trying to protect. 
Wednesday | Minimalism
Are you drowning in stuff or would you like to just get rid of a few things? Take today to assess a room, drawer, or cupboard and declutter. Take those items and donate or sell them on Swap and Shop pages for some extra moola!
**Check out my article “5 Beginner Steps to a Decluttered Life” for some help.
Thursday | Disposables
What do you currently use that would be considered disposable? Find some of these items around your house and replace them with a reusable alternative. You may already have a reusable alternative in your home! Paper towels? Make some rags with some old sheets or t-shirts. Paper plates? Get out your real dishes. Plastic bottled water? Use a mason jar and fill it with tap water.
Friday | Trash, Trash, it’s Everywhere!
We can’t reduce trash without doing our part to clean up the litter around us. Take ownership of your block or local park by picking up trash. When others see you pick up litter – they too might be motivated to pick up as well or at least think twice if they are litter offenders. Make this a fun event. Invite your friends or family to help! 
The day we pledged to go zero waste. Because of a simple neighborhood trash pickup.
I hope you have fun this week and continue these easy challenges beyond Zero Waste Week. A few greener habits can result in a big impact and make us healthier and happier. 
Happy Zero Wasting!

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