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There’s truly hope that winter is almost over! Flocks of robins are swarming my yard and I can vaguely see where the grass is beginning it’s brown to green transformation – even though it’s still 30 degrees outside. I’ll take it! The changing of the season always gets me { and I think everyone else } into a cleaning mood – the zero waste cleaning mood that is. I’ve even started seeing all of the nonsense commercials and ads informing us all we need to stock up on random cleaning products for the occasion. I chuckle.

My spring cleaning usually consists of cleaning the parts of my house that haven’t seen a scrub brush in over a year – or longer, yikes. Yep, I might have caked on pasta sauce on the side of my stove that’s been there for – oh I don’t know – 2 years or so. No shame. Because the messes I’m cleaning up are a little “tougher” and slightly unique I like to make sure my homemade cleaner is designed to do the job. Usually, I’d scour Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect natural cleaning recipe until I got tired, gave up on cleaning entirely, and opted for The Travel Channel instead. This was until I found Cleaning Essentials.

Cleaning Essentials is a 1% for the Planet company that is simplifying natural cleaning. Founders, Mike and Martha both hold sustainable living close to their hearts and saw a need to make natural cleaning easier. Their solution? Create beautiful, glass cleaning bottles with natural recipes and guidance right on the bottle. Like many of you, I like the idea of DIY, but I don’t have time to research various recipes. I do typically use just one all purpose cleaner for most situations, but sometimes, I do need something a little different. I need cleaning solutions that work, so these bottles are a literal lifesaver. They’re like the Jedi Knights of cleaning bottles. Come on, I’m the Zero Waste “Nerd” – I can say geeky things like that, right?

Zero Waste Spring Cleaning with Cleaning Essentials

Here’s how I use the bottles throughout my home.

In the Kitchen

My kitchen gets so grimy throughout the winter. It’s always the areas like inside the fridge, the cabinet doors, and the sides of the stove that faces the cabinets. Thank you winter stews and soups for boiling over. These areas are usually the toughest to clean for me and require some extra elbow grease but gladly, I can still get them squeaky clean with safe cleaning products.

The amber bottle has a fantastic kitchen cleaner recipe that cuts through the filth. On the bottle, I fill the recommended ingredients to the specified lines and voila! If I need even more “oomph” to get the grime away, I use baking soda as an abrasive which generally works fantastic. I can get most of the ingredients package free or in non plastic packaging making all of the natural recipes low waste.

Also, I have to say, if you have any old toothbrushes, they make GREAT scrubbers for smaller, detailed areas like cabinets, grout, and in and around kitchen fixtures.

In the Bathroom

I use the all purpose recipe on the blue bottle for most areas in my house including the bathroom. For spring cleaning, I try to focus on the areas that I rarely clean like the tile in the shower, the mirrors, the walls, and the cabinets. I love the handy jar of rags also because when I use to clean the bathroom, I’d go through what seemed like a half roll of paper towels. Now it’s very easy to pull out a rag, use it, and grab another when that one is too dirty to keep using.

I also love using the smaller green bottle in the bathroom as it has an odor eliminating recipe that I find very beneficial for – well – you know. I use eucalyptus essential oil which does an amazing job at covering up unwelcome bathroom smells.

What areas of your house do you focus on during spring cleaning?

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