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Welcome to Zero Waste Nerd!

I will guide you through Zero Waste Living and give you realistic and doable goals to reducing your trash, saving money, and taking back your life.

What is Zero Waste?

My definition of Zero Waste is sending little to no trash to landfill as well as reducing one’s overall impact on this planet. Is complete “Zero Waste” obtainable? No. But the idea is to get as close as we possibly can with the means and access we have available.

Is it a contest? No. We only compare ourselves to ourselves. No one else. We do our best, we strive for progress. We grow. Period. That’s it. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Of course I say “easy” but it’s not. Striving for Zero Waste is hard and will be very challenging at times. It’s also VERY rewarding.

Zero Waste Living will simplify your life, make you healthier, and ground you to what’s important.

Zero Waste changed my life for the better and I want to share this journey with you.

Where do you begin?

This is the toughest part! But don’t worry, I have you covered!

Check out my book! You can even get a free gift for ordering! 
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This is the one of the only times I’ll tell you to buy something. Why? Because EVERYTHING is in here! I break down so much that this tool will be critical to helping you reduce your waste. There’s also some pretty bad jokes scattered about.

An Almost Zero-Waste Life

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You can preorder starting now at the following locations:

I’ve also put together a complete Zero Waste 30 Day Challenge to get your feed wet and immerse you into the basics of zero waste. Does it have to be completed in 30 days? NO! Do this at your own pace! It’s not a race.

30 days to zero waste

I’ve also put together a Sustainable Summer Challenge that is still a work in progress. This idea is to break down basic Zero Waste principles over the course of an entire summer. You can check that out BELOW.

sustainable summer challenge


And for so much more: