Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Men

Zero Waste Gifts for Men

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Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Men | Why does it always feel like shopping for guys is SO impossible? Is it just me? I used to beat my head on a wall trying to come up with unique and “usable” gift ideas for the men in my life. Sorry, but Men are from Mars when it comes to figuring them out for the holidays. Is that cliche?

And don’t even bother with asking them what they want. That’s pretty much pointless, too. But then again, why ask anyone what they want for Christmas. It should be a fun surprise tailored to the person and relationship you have with that person. Ugh. Why is gift giving so painful?

Thank goodness Zero Waste has made this part of gift giving a little easier considering I stick to some basic principles when gifting to anyone. Is it consumable? Is it an experience? Can it be used over and over? You get the idea.

I over complicated gift giving. That’s why it all stressed me out to the point I considered celebrating the holidays “Christmas with the Kranks” style. I’ll save you from Googling that. They wanted to skip Christmas and go on a cruise. Side rant – not sure why their whole neighborhood got all sensitive when they wanted to enjoy the holidays by not being cold and spending money on a bunch of consumerism, but oh well.


I’ve got a few ideas for the fathers, brothers, grandpas, uncles, boyfriends, fianc├ęs, husbands, and friends in your life that are without so much trash.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Men

zero waste gift ideas for men

  1. Homemade Shaving Cream
  2. Safety Razor
  3. Gym Membership
  4. Hot Sauce
  5. Homemade Spice Rubs
  6. Bowling Certificate
  7. Restaurant Gift Cards
  8. Homemade Salsa
  9. Escape Room Certificate
  10. Handkerchiefs 
  11. Good Quality Tools
  12. Netflix Subscription
  13. A sustainable pair of shoes
  14. Secondhand Sporting Goods
  15. A national parks membership
  16. Brewery Tour
  17. Personalized Coupons
  18. Museum Tickets
  19. Movie Tickets
  20. Public Transportation Pass
  21. Pizza Gift cards (super popular in my family)
  22. Money
  23. Homemade Popcorn Salts
  24. Baked Goods
  25. Bidet
  26. Books – like mine!
  27. Bulk Nuts
  28. Barber Gift Card
  29. Live Event Tickets
  30. Reusable Water Bottle – if they truly need it
  31. A good quality pair of socks
  32. Full Service Salon – Grooming (Beard, hair, facial, massage, etc.)
  33. A good bottle of bourbon
  34. Car Detailing
  35. Secondhand Games
  36. Board Games
  37. Trees
  38. Alcohol – Recycle that glass!
  39. Fair Trade Coffee in a glass jar
  40. Chef’s knife (Buy it for life)
  41. French Press
  42. Audible Subscription
  43. A locally made pocket knife
  44. Vintage Comic Books
  45. Camping Gift Card
  46. A cooking class
  47. Secondhand Clothing
  48. Charity Gift Card
  49. Wine Tasting
  50. Compost Bin

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this year!

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