U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City

U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City 2

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U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City | It’s time to stock up on in-season berries! There’s just nothing like a fresh, locally grown strawberry, blueberry or blackberry. Especially if you can pick it yourself.

Kansas City actually has several U-Pick berry farms spread across the metro area. If you are needing a good fun, family activity for summer time, berry picking checks all of my boxes for summer 2020 fun. 

They are outside, they are eco-friendly and they allow you to appropriately social distance.

In the Mid-West, specifically Missouri, berries are in season for a very short amount of time. They usually only last for a few short weeks so get them while they’re in-season and at the peak of their yumminess!

When Berries are In Season

There’s also the question I get often regarding how to get berries plastic free. Well, this is how. Get them locally grown, stock up, freeze and preserve, and enjoy all year.

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Getting them at a local farmer’s market is an option but I’d prefer getting enough at once to make into my year supply of strawberry jam. I also like to freeze A BUNCH and dehydrate some.

With that being said, for all of you Kansas Citians, I’ve done the work for you. Here’s a list of U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City to fulfill your berry obsession.

U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City


Fun Farm – Kearney, MO

Located in Kearney Missouri, Fun Farm has A LOT you can do. During strawberry season, you can pay by the pound and enjoy other activities such as kids’ treehouse villages, playhouses, a ball zone, and petting zoo.

Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard – Weston, MO

This 50 acre farm has so much more than berries. They have apples, peaches, cherries, blackberries and a pumpkin patch in the fall. There’s also many activities for children like a zip line, ball toss, bounce pillow, and fun seasonal activities in the fall. Don’t forget to snag some strawberry donuts in the springtime! They are SO good.

Spanish Garden Berry Farm – Platte City, MO

This simple and quaint will farm grows strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and peaches. Check their facebook page for updates and directions. There are no public restrooms here so plan accordingly. 

Gieringers Family Orchard and Berry Farm – Edgerton, KS

Started in 2001, Gieringers has been growing peaches, blackberries, strawberries, hightunnel tomatoes, sweet corn and pumpkins. Aside from the U-Pick berry patches, kids and families can enjoy the combine & truck slides, rat racers, hay mountain and so much more!

Benny’s Berries – Wellsville, KS

The biggest, strawberriest strawberries you ever did pick. Picking and times are limited so don’t wait. Check out their website and Facebook page for updates and times.

U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City 3

What did I miss? 

Are there more U-Pick Berry Farms in Kansas City that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thank you Megan for your feeds. Do you know of any U-Pick Berry Farms in Southern California close by the Los Angeles county? Please? Peace Out ā€œVā€. Janet

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