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Sustainable Bra, Sustainable Underwear

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**This post is sponsored by Hara. I did receive compensation in return for this post. All opinions of this product are my own.**

Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Hara | Making a purchase now is so much different than it was in the past. I use to consume blindly, hastily, and abundantly.

This was especially true when it came to clothing. I’d get that strong urge to buy something and head to the nearest retailer, sometimes on my lunch break, to buy. I’d do this over and over. I’d probably spend hundreds a year on fast fashion.

It didn’t matter what kind of clothing it was: dresses, blouses, even intimates. I had no regard for where my clothing came from, who made it, or how that cheapy little t-shirt was impacting the planet. I didn’t care, I was only filling a void of discontent.

Everything is different now.

When I truly discovered what my values were, I began figuring out ways to incorporate those into my purchases. I was super excited and on board with getting my clothes secondhand. I can find sustainable, well-made pieces for a fraction of the price plus help reduce fashion waste by lessening the demand for new clothing. It’s crazy how much we go through clothing. On average, each American discards about 80 lbs. of textile waste per year! It’s pretty gross.

Second-hand shopping was easy, except for when it came time to get some intimates. I’m not completely on board with getting my under garments from someone else so, I decided to buy new. Of course, that didn’t mean I was going to skip on my values and it was important for me to find a company that shared the same. I wanted to support a company who treated their workers and the planet with respect. That’s when I found Hara.

sustainable bra, sustainable underware

Photo Source: Hara

Hara’s founder, Allie Cameron was heavily affected by the environmental devastation fast fashion has on our planet. Chemical runoff, plastic use, and terrible working conditions make fashion one of the most wasteful and cruel of industries. Allie knew she needed to do something to change this. She spent many years learning the industry and finding sustainable ways to make and dye clothing which in turn, led her to start Hara.

This company gives me all of the feels!

Hara’s bras and undies are made with bamboo fabric – which is so incredibly soft! Because of bamboo’s amazing sustainable properties, bamboo fabric is a fantastic choice for the environmentally concerned. Not to mention it’s other amazing benefits you can read all about HERE. Additionally, all of their products are dyed naturally using the leaves of various plants including cacao and mango.

I personally tried the Stella Low Cut Bra with is so comfy I don’t even realize I’m wearing anything. I think that’s why I love the bra so much is because it doesn’t have an underwire and really just wears like a simple, unpadded sports bra. It’s pretty much perfect. The only thing I will mention is that there isn’t any padding.

I get a lot of questions on where to find sustainable bras and underwear so this is why I’m writing this post. It can be overwhelming spending the time hunting down companies that aren’t contributing to our waste issues so this is my way of doing the work for you and exposing some awesome companies and brands doing great things to promote change.

Have you tried Hara?

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