Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands that put People and the Planet First

Sustainable and Ethical Underwear

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

I’ve been a conscious consumer for several years now and buying second hand was usually my preferred method of acquiring “new” to me items. However, underwear is a little different as I would prefer, like most of you, to buy new. Finding sustainable and ethical underwear at first was a little difficult. Since then, I have found several brands for you when it comes time to replace your holey undergarments. Don’t throw them out though! There are many things you can do with worn-out textiles

Underwear, like many other types of clothing, is notorious for ending up in landfills after they wear out.

The environmental impact of our clothing choices doesn’t stop at the disposable fast fashion shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, handbags, and whatever else society is so obsessed with. This also includes the articles of clothing others don’t see if ya know what I mean.

I use to buy my underwear from a famous lingerie store who is now avowed to use child labor like so many other fast fashion brands who value profit over people. I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret. Oops your secrets out and it’s child exploitation. 

As my old underwear wear out, I’ve started replacing them with sustainable and ethical underwear options. These will last longer and are not made at the expense of the workers or planet. 

Sustainable and Ethical Underwear Brands


Organic Basics – $$

Sustainable and Ethical Underwear


Made with organic cotton and recycled content, Organic Basics has a heavenly line of well-made bras and underwear that will make you question if you’re wearing anything at all. They are that comfy! They assess the impact of their products on many layers including waste, emissions, water usage, and chemicals. And of course, holding the factories that they use accountable to the same environmental and ethical standards as they believe in.

Hara – $$$



Working to bring awareness to the devasting impacts of the fashion industry, Hara consciously creates sustainable and ethical underwear from bamboo that is dyed with natural pigments. 

Boodywear – $



Made with sustainable and organic bamboo, Boodywear has covered every step in their manufacturing process. From providing fair wages to the workers who make their clothing, using natural dyes, and using computer knitting to avoid any textile waste they work hard to insure their products are planet approved.

Pansy – $$$



Made in the US and from organic cotton, founders Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry dreamt of a minimal underwear company that valued its products and those who made them. 








Pact – $



Pact is an ethical fashion brand that uses organic cotton, is fair trade factory certified, uses zero harmful chemicals, and utilizes processes that use significantly less water than conventional cotton. They even offer ways to recycle old clothing, towels and linens.






Oddobody – $$



Oddobody carefully makes intimates that do not interfere with the natural balances of our bodies by using 100% organic cotton. Products are made in ethical factories in Peru and all garments are shipped in sustainable packaging. 







Proclaim – $$



Proclaim is an inclusive nude lingerie line made in Los Angeles from recycled plastic water bottles. They believe that their products should be good for people and the planet. 

Ana + Zac – $$$



Cotton and wool are sourced in Peru where the factories are routinely visited to meet the companies standards by paying fair wages, ensuring the factories are safe, and supporting earth friendly innovations. They also work on a slower fashion development model releasing ethically and sustainably produced micro collections of our seasonal basics. 






araks – $$$



Araks produces environmentally conscious pieces that last season after season. The brand is made in the US which reduces the environmental impact of the products. They also support local, women owned small businesses that implement fair treatment practices. Learn more about their sustainability practices HERE

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