My Nightly, Sustainable Beauty Routine

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Though I may not use much makeup anymore, I still pamper my skin. Over the last 3 years, I’ve phased out products that do more harm than good and have opted for sustainable, natural, and locally made goodness to heal my skin. And now that I’m in my thirties, I want to preserve as much youth and glow as possible.

Most of the products I used in the past were what I thought I needed based on clever marketing and always came in plastic. I could never really pronounce most of the ingredients and as far as manufacturing went, I didn’t know where my products came from or the harm they were doing to get them to me.

I’ve slowly started incorporating better products into my beauty routine. And right now, this is my favorite line up. My skin is somewhat dry in places and oily in other places so I’ve tried several things before I’ve found ones that work.

zero waste beauty routine

I don’t always have time to make my own products and finding toiletries in bulk is not an option for me. So, the best I can do to reduce my waste is to source locally made products with great ingredients, are ethically made, and come in sustainable packagings like metal, glass, or cardboard.

So how is this “Zero Waste”? For me, zero waste is about mindful consumption and paying more attention to what I’m supporting by using my money to vote. My skin is pretty important to me so to just go without isn’t an option. I’m still going to wash my face (I prefer liquid soap), I’m still going to moisturize, and I’m still going to preserve my skin as best I can. Everyone’s priorities and routines are different so ultimately just be mindful of what you are consuming.

My Nightly, Sustainable Beauty Routine

zero waste beauty

Face Wash

I wash my face with Zum Face because it’s gentle and gets off the daily grime. I tend to easily break out from stress and my oily skin so washing my face at the end of the day is a must. You can also wash your skin with bulk Castile soap or a package free bar soap. Zum products are locally made for me and I love supporting small when I can. To close the loop, I’m going to see if I can send the bottles back once they are empty for reuse.


I like using a toner to, well, tone my skin. Ever since my pregnancy, I’ve had blotchy skin. So, this is a way to help even my skin color and reduce those red splotches. This particular brand is from Anna’s Apothecary. I purchased this while on a trip to Colorado and am in love with all of their handmade products. Their shop is to die for, literally.

Bulk Spices

Anna’s Apothecary – Bulk Herbs

If you wanted to make your own toner, it’s pretty simple. Just mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and dab on your face after washing.


I used the same toxic bottle of moisturizer since I was 16. It never occurred to me that the reason why it didn’t work was that it was full of bullshit. I thought maybe it was just because I had terrible skin. It’s sad that I realized when I was practically 30 that it was the moisturizer, not my skin. This particular moisturizer I use is also from Anna’s Apothecary. It has truly made my skin look years younger – I’m a customer for life. The container is also made of glass with a metal lid so it will be perfect for me to reuse for gifts come Christmas time.

Face Oil

I like to pamper the skin under my eyes a little extra since the skin is much thinner and delicate. I use this facial oil from Zum which is perfect for reducing my wisdom lines. This oil is made of shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and rosehip seed oil. It’s so nourishing.

Vitamin E oil is also great to use under the eyes.

And that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t call it minimalist by any means but it’s what works for me.

How has sustainable living changed your beauty routine?


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  1. I’ve started using Lush products and have been for about a year now. It’s sad that I’m in my early thirties and I’ve never paid attention to my skin especially my face! I like the Lush containers because they are 100% post consumer plastic, plus if you return five you’ll get a free face mask. I’m hoping to make the swap to their naked shampoo bars after my bottle of shampoo runs out.

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