My 6 Favorite Zero Waste Snacks

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Before Zero Waste, my snacking habits weren’t the best. They usually consisted of packaged snack cakes, chips, boxes of crackers, cookies made by elves, and about anything else conveniently prepackaged.  It took some time to readjust my palate and find alternatives that were package free – they ended up being healthier for me too. Luckily, I found that Zero Waste didn’t mean I had to give up snacking. I could still indulge while snacking and not feel bad about it.

Nice Cream

When I’m craving something sweet – it’s usually for ice cream. However, all ice cream that I’ve seen is packaged in plastic lined cartons and very rarely dairy free – I’m lactose intolerant. I refuse to feel like I have do do without so I found a way to enjoy what tastes pretty close to ice cream and without any waste.
Freeze a few bananas without their peels until completely frozen, then blend with a splash or two of almond milk until smooth and creamy. I then add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, you name it! It’s delicious. It does a great job at sedating that sweet tooth.

Trail Mix

Come on, it’s just so easy to have around. Most stores that have bulk, have trail mix and there’s usually several varieties. I keep trail mix in a jar at work – specifically the peanut butter mixture from Sprouts. Oh my lawd it’s good. I consider it my work fuel.


Popcorn is my husband and I’s go to evening snack. I love how it’s pretty much a blank canvas for any flavors we are feeling. Sometimes we pop it with a little sugar and coconut oil to make kettle corn and other times we add garlic powder, cayenne, and a little nutritional yeast. And the best way to eat popcorn – my grandmother’s infamous popcorn balls. They are gooey, marshmallowy, sugary, to. die. for. Maybe someday she’ll let me post the recipe online and marshmallows will be available in bulk.

Bean Dips

I could just say hummus like everyone else but my husband and I make a variety of bean dips other than hummus. Our favorite is with black beans, roasted peppers and onions, spices, and heaps of cilantro all blended into a creamy dip. We use veggies, homemade crackers, or even our fingers to transport the deliciousness to our faces. We always have some in the fridge.


Another popular snack most people would list is fruit. Seriously though, fruit is good. In the afternoons, my husband will create a mountain of grapefruit and orange peels on the side table as he reads and I cut up bananas and drizzle warm peanut butter all over them. Of course, I don’t usually get to eat much when Oliver sees that I have it. That kid can put away some peanut buttered bananas.

Bread with Olive Oil

Who doesn’t love a good loaf of bread from a local bakery? A lot of times when I’m hungry but would rather not cook, I grab a delicious loaf of bread, toast it up, and serve it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast. My husband prefers marinara for dipping.

Snacks don’t have to be individually packaged, cream filled, sugar coated, or saturated in fats to be satisfying. They don’t even have to be a headache to prepare. I rarely have time to make anything from scratch even though I’d like to. My crazy little life just won’t allow it right now. So thankfully there are many delicious snacks that take no time at all to make and come completely waste free.

What are your favorite zero waste snacks?

5 thoughts on “My 6 Favorite Zero Waste Snacks

  1. I love your blog.

    Almond milk and almonds are a hugely water wasting food, grown in areas prone to droughts. I love almonds too, but, another non-dairy milk would be a more eco-friendly suggestion. Soymilk is an easy one to make.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Currently looking for low waste snack ideas I can take to work. I’ll take a few of your suggestions, like popcorn. I think making a few fruit filled muffins would be good to.

  3. I’ve been getting into making my own granola or granola type snack mix/trail mix, lately. Or sometimes I’ll make a similar granola type mixture (including dried fruit and often some chocolate) but then form it into “energy balls” that are easy to grab and so yummy for a quick snack!

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