Mo’ Trash Mo’ Problems – My Zero Waste Beginning

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

Zero Waste Living | Is it possible to produce absolutely zero trash? This is a question that has probably never crossed some of your minds but has been plaguing mine recently. I’ve been noticing more and more lately, that our lives have become so disposable. We’ve gotten complacent with our throw away coffee cups, our cheap “trendy” clothing that goes out of style way too quickly, our plastic everything, and the convenience of a quick meal despite many of them having ingredients none of us can pronounce. What happened to us? When did we forget about what was really important? We deserve better!

This is the beginning of my journey to become nearly zero waste and to improve upon my sustainability along the way. I’m hoping that this journey will change my life in a wonderful way. And it all starts with what I throw away. This is the beginning of a new me!

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