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Have you ever took a moment to read what was in the laundry detergent you use? Sulfates, bleach, various dyes, fragrances, and many other hard-to-read ingredients are listed on nearly every single bottle of detergent on store shelves. We’ve gotten used to thinking that in order to get our clothing clean, we need a complicated concoction of chemicals to strip the dirt, sweat, and stains on our favorite shirts and pair of pants. But do we really? Do we really need to wear our chemical washed clothing against our most sensitive, largest, semi-impermeable organ? Caring about what we ingest doesn’t stop at food, make-up, or toiletries. It should also include our cleaning products.
Recently, I tested the laundry powder from The Simply Co. There’s not many cleaning products on the market that I’d trust to wash my infant son’s clothing. The Simply Co’s laundry powder hit all of the check boxes for me:
  • Non toxic – super important with pets and a baby
  • Made sustainable
  • Reusable Packaging
  • A mission I STAND behind!
The laundry powder consists of 3 simple ingredients: baking soda, washing soda, and organic castile soap. Combined, these ingredients tackled the toughest loads of laundry I could produce. With a houseful of pets, a baby, and a husband I was able to thoroughly clean everything we dirtied. It perfectly cleaned my clothing with only a tablespoon or two of product – seriously, this stuff will last me a LONG time unlike the store bought jugs that require a 1/4 cup or more to “work”.

It didn’t stop there! I also used the laundry powder on carpet and furniture stains as well as removing grime from my sinks! Because of the simple, versatile ingredient list, this laundry powder can be used for several applications around the home.

If you’re looking for a laundry powder to replace your multitude of chemical laden bottles, I urge you try out The Simply Co! We shouldn’t have to always worry about what is in the things we use and thankfully, The Simply Co has our backs!

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