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Zero Waste Kitchen Tour | I figured it would be fun to show you what my 1950s ranch kitchen looks like – my incredibly small kitchen. Despite how teeny it is, I love it. It’s functional and its size keeps me in check when it comes to utilizing space and keeping things minimal.
I really like to doodle! So what better way to unleash your creativity than painting a chalkboard wall! It’s also a pretty good baby sitter for when little kiddos come over to visit. I love the saying that I currently have up considering it reminds me that during the most challenging days, it’s all a journey that’s filled with experiences and lessons that push me to become better. 
My husband and I decorate with items we find from antique stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. This “W” was one of our prized finds from 5 years ago. It still hangs proudly in our dining room!
Keeping the kitchen table clean and free of clutter is one of the most important things in making your house feel tidy. I feel like if my table has items all over it, it messes with my ability to relax and focus. We also made our own kitchen table. After scouring store after store for months for a table made from “real” wood and failing to find one we could afford, we decided it would be best to just build our own. We replicated one from a trendy furniture store that retails for $1200 for around $60 in wood. Win!
The metal chairs are secondhand we found on Craigslist. I believe they are originally from Ikea. 
I have to keep things simple and organized in my pantry or it’s easy for me to waste food and buy multiples that are unnecessary. Zero Waste shopping absolutely prevents that food waste for me. 


Can you tell I love baking? I think I have about 4 different types of flours for various applications that all get used! I also tried my hand and drying my own chili peppers last summer and had great success! 

One of the most used devices in the kitchen! The compost bin! Our compost pile is in our backyard, so when our bin gets full, we dump it outside. 

We replaced this counter top with a more sustainable butcher block which we sealed with an environmentally friendly oil.  This is what I call our “chop and drop” station. Most of our meal prep happens right here.

I love that I can watch outside while I do dishes. There is something peaceful about doing dishes. It’s really a practice of mindfulness for me. My soap I get in bulk and I got my wooden dish brushes from Roundhouse KC
I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of my fridge – it needs a heavy deep clean after I spilled a jar of tomatoes. Leave it to me!
I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my kitchen! Are there any parts of my kitchen that you’d like to see that I didn’t photograph? I’d love to add more if you’d like!


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  1. Thanks for the tour, next could you show your tools and how you have them organized, great motivation for those who are still looking to downsize their collections. Thanks!

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