I’ve been "working" on something big!

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For the few of you that follow my blog, I sincerely apologize for my absence. I promise it’s for a good reason! A couple of weeks after my last post, I started falling ill. I just assumed that I was just catching some kind of a bug super early in the year until it didn’t go away and kept getting worse. Well, come to find out, the universe had something really special in store for my husband and I….

That’s right, we have a little bambino on the way! We are through-the-roof excited!

Now that I’ve started feeling better, I can now get back into my regular routine of experimenting with zero waste/near zero waste solutions and blogging!

I wish I could say that I’ve been completely trash free during my morning sickness and crazy food issues but I’d be fibbing. Sometimes it is more important to take care of yourself and sadly, for me, when about everything makes you up chuck except oreo cookies and McDonald’s hamburgers, you opt of the foods you CAN eat. Seriously, my morning sickness was no joke. I never could have imagined the love/hate relationship with food I would have during those first few months. I literally went from eating fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, etc. to running to the bathroom at the thought of eating any of it. It’s crazy how our bodies react to these things. Did I mention that I find McDonald’s hamburgers revolting? Anyway, the worst is behind me. I have my normal appetite back and am returning to my NORMAL eating habits.

Zero waste living has a whole new meaning to me now! With the baby on the way, I have so many things to consider, research, and experiment with so that my little one is as zero waste as possible. This is truly exciting! I love the challenge! You have no idea the amount of people who straight up say I’m crazy for even attempting this. I use that as a motivator to prove them all wrong. It IS possible!

Be prepared for A LOT of future posts regarding pregnancy and baby! I’ll be blogging about ways to make your wee one trash free, ways to save money on nursery essentials, and baby necessity DIYs!

4 thoughts on “I’ve been "working" on something big!

  1. Congrats! I think zero waste/ minimalist baby info is so interesting. Ok it's discovered your blog and instagram so I'm excited to look through your posts. I used to be all zero waste gung ho but fell off the bandwagon but I'm ready to get back on!

  2. Thanks so much! It's going to be super tough making this baby a minimalist with all of my overly zealous family dying to purchase loads of gifts already, but I'm determined! Ha ha! Good for you! I fell off as well as you probably read above. It was a rough few months. It felt so good to get back into my zw routine. 🙂

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