Is it just a Blackberry?

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It is officially blackberry season, and to avoid the sad looking blackberries in the grocery stores that are always packaged in plastic, I went to the source! Typically, when I wanted or needed something, I’d quickly, without thought, get into my car and head to the grocery store. Not once did it ever cross my mind to question, where does this food item come from, how far has it traveled to get here, how is this product produced or grown, or what kind of a company am I supporting my purchasing this product? Since my journey to zero waste has began, I’ve started to ask myself these questions every time I purchase something. And this is why, today, I found myself happily picking blackberries at a local farm, just minutes from my house.

This was a complete surprise for me. I didn’t realize there was a blackberry farm so close to where I live! It’s so wonderful seeing more small, local, family farms selling their yummy produce! And to make this even better, they’re organic!

We picked a gorgeous day to frolic through the blackberry patch. The weather was warm, not blazing hot, and not too humid.

We quickly headed to the back where the “berries were the biggest,” according to the owner. She was not wrong.

They were huge! My husband and I quickly filled our baskets, snacking periodically. There is something about picking my own food that makes me feel so connected to the Earth. It truly makes me appreciate the simple, small things like a blackberry

What a goof!

There were plenty of perfect berries on the ground, too. Rest assured, we didn’t forget about those!

We filled 2 boxes just like this, for around $20. Not only are we saving a ton of money by picking the berries ourselves, we are also supporting small, local farms which is very important for so many reasons. Buying local helps the environment, is healthier for you, is usually GMO free, and supports your local community! *

I made sure that I would be able to enjoy these berries later in the year by canning them into some jam! It’s almost like I’m preserving the best parts of summer. 😉

I cropped out the disastrous mess that I made while making this!

And I think what makes this jam sweeter (pun intended) is that now, every time we eat it, we will think of the story and that local farm that is behind it.

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  1. Thanks so much! Isn't it wonderful that our tastes changed when we got older? My mom was doing pretty good if she got me to eat anything other than frozen waffles when I was little. 🙂

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