Heirloom Seeds and Where to Find Them

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Heirloom Seeds and Where to Find Them | What does heirloom mean, exactly? Heirloom plants are very old varieties that are passed down for many generations (at least 50 years old), open-pollinated – meaning by insects or birds, and are characteristically stable. Some say that heirloom plants have more flavor as well. We will see. This will be the first year I plant all heirloom seeds so I’m excited to compare this year’s harvest with previous years.

Yes, yes, I know it’s only February but I’m already thinking about what I’ll be planting this year in our garden. We have been having crazy upper 70 degree weather these last couple of weeks so everything has already began to bloom, the robins are out, and everyone is finally getting over their bouts of bronchitis – ok, so I’m still hacking….. All I know is we are finally counting down to spring!


I usually pick up my plants and seeds at the chain hardware stores with little thought, but this time, I really want to diversify and up my seed game. I keep seeing more and more small seed companies – that are passionate about seed preservation and quality –  pop up on social media and upon browsing through their selections, I’m hooked. I’d rather support small businesses that are doing great things and selling a great product rather than blindly purchase plants that could be doing more harm than good. Cough…I’m talking about you plants-treated-with-neonicotinoidsWithout writing a post 1000 words long I’ll just say that means “bee killers”. It bothers me deeply that the FDA has approved these….ughhhhhh.

So, since my trust in the chain stores’ ability to provide me with a product that will actually benefit me and the environment is gone, I’ll focus my money and support to small businesses who actually give a damn. So here is where I’ve been browsing for this years’ seeds…


High Mowing Seed Company


Hudson Valley Seed Co


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Sustainable Seed Company


Botanical Interests


Small, locally owned nurseries 


Seeds from my own stash (anyone need cilantro seeds this year? Yikes…)

I’m not entirely certain what all I’m planting this year except for popping corn – that will happen. Any of you have experience growing popcorn? I’m so excited about it. As for the rest, I’ll keep you in the loop as soon as I make my final decisions. 
Who’s excited to get their gardens planted?!

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