Grocery Haul and Meal Plan #3

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Zero Waste Meal Plan | So the sun finally decided to come out this weekend and it couldn’t be more beautiful! With the temperature in the high 70s, droves of people flocked to City Market. Farmers and small businesses filled the market stalls, delicious food smells permeated the air, and blue grass bands played all day. Could it have been more perfect?

And I just have to say – spring flowers > any other season’s flowers. I can’t even handle how gorgeous the tulips were! I wanted to buy them all and fill my house. They have to be the most awkwardly beautiful flower.

All in all, it was a great day that I got to spend with my mother, who lives hundreds of miles away in KY, and my brother who got to spend some quality time with his nephew who, by the way, ADORES his uncle. They are so alike it’s scary sometimes.

The farmer’s market was brimming with root veggies like potatoes and parsnips and beautiful leafy veggies like romaine, arugula, and spinach. There were also a few stalls selling micro greens which I’m excited about. Have you tried radish micro greens? They are SO delicious! Also, this is the perfect time of the year to pick up young herb plants as many farmers sell those in early spring.

Sadly though, I still have in season veggies from last week that I need to use up so I left the market empty handed. I know, right?! Our meals from last week made a lot more leftovers that I anticipated.

This doesn’t look like a lot but if you maintain a stocked pantry with the essentials which I’ll blog about real soon, it doesn’t take a whole lot of extra groceries to put together simple, healthy, plant based meals.

Meal Plan

  • Veggie Burgers with cauliflower mash and corn on the cob (we love our veggie burgers)
  • Veggie Tacos with homemade tortillas
  • Eggplant Parmigiana (Vegan)
  • Veggie Stir Fry with leftover veggies from last week
  • Lunches – we use leftovers for lunches
  • Snacks – Making chocolate chip cookies this week and I got plenty of trail mix.
  • Breakfast – chocolate and peanut butter overnight oats and banana bread
  • Baby Food – We have lots of frozen ready made baby food like carrots, cucumber and avocado guacamole, beets, and butternut squash. We also give him bananas and banana bread for snacks and for dinners we feed him what ever we are having.
And all for roughly $36
Yet again, simple, and each meal is put together with very few ingredients making it super easy to get on the table after a busy work day. And as you can see, we don’t have an elaborate meal plan every week – that just over complicates things. Minimalism applies to this part of my life, too.
What do you have planned for the week?

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4 thoughts on “Grocery Haul and Meal Plan #3

  1. I'm so happy you like them! I was really hoping these posts could help show what zero waste shopping/meals really look like.

    I try to always link the recipe if I'm using someone else's. If there are no recipes linked it's because they are my own creation. I will work really hard to get them all published. 🙂

  2. We purchased a mix at whole foods in the bulk section a long time ago that just requires you to add olive oil and a little water. We are trying to use it all up. They are…ok. I'll post a recipe for freshly made ones soon. <3

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