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The only mail I tend to receive is junk mail, grocery flyers, and bills. Yay, bills! Long gone is the day where I’d unexpectedly get a post card or hand written letter. I do still get the occasional birthday card – without money anymore (I may be too old for that?), and I still get loads of holiday cards which for me, is one of the best parts of the holidays. My family goes all out on holiday cards. They write 2 – 3 pages worth of detailed stories from the past year. Family additions, childhood achievements, new jobs, vacation stories, and even the sad parts.

In a world where we’ve become so digitally connected yet socially disconnected, getting a holiday card is truly a treat. However, in my sustainable journey I’ve questioned if this act is really the best choice. Is using the paper and resources to make and deliver the card environmentally worth it? Well, yes, especially when you have organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation that offer sustainable, 100% recycled, and unique holiday Give-A-Tree Cards that allow us to keep that kind, nostalgic aspect of the holidays around and still be environmentally friendly. It’s perfect!!! And I’m SO excited to pass out these gifts this year.

Arbor Day Foundation

Give-A-Tree Holiday Cards

Arbor Day’s Give-A-Tree Cards are a perfect way to say thank you or wish a peaceful holiday season to
friends, family, customers, or associates. Each card you purchase plants a tree in honor of the recipient
— helping to bring our Nation’s Forests back to life that have suffered from a wildfire or natural disaster.
You can personalize the cards for free with a personal message or logo. You are sure to find the perfect
card with over 80 options to choose from.

Ordering the cards was very simple. I went to The Arbor Day Foundation’s website and scrolled through their list of holiday cards.

Arbor Day Give-A-Tree Holiday Cards

I selected one of the beautiful cards, chose my quantity, and selected the Custom Imprinting option. I love to always put a little special note on my cards to make them a little more personal.

Arbor Day Foundation Give-A-Tree

Once I had the card the way I loved it, I saved, previewed my card, and ordered.

One of the reasons I dread the holidays is that the overwhelming push to consume blindly is depressing. At every turn we are constantly pressured to buy loads of cheap, wasteful gifts because that’s just what you do. Don’t  get me wrong, I love gift giving, I just think we all need to do a little better at gifting with purpose instead of with obligation. Keep it simple, unique, and sustainable. Support companies who genuinely do good in the world. Stick to your values.

Zero Waste Give-A-Tree Cards

Trees in Celebration

In addition to the Give-A-Tree Holiday Cards I’m handing out, I am also getting my family Trees in Celebration Certificates. These certificates honor the recipient by planting 5 trees in their honor in one of two forests of your choice.

Trees in Celebration Certificate

You can choose to either download and print the certificate yourself or have it shipped.  Once you make your selection, you can then choose which forest you’d like your 5 trees planted. I chose the Chippewa National Forest, located in Minnesota, which is the largest American Bald Eagle nesting sites in the continental United States. The donated trees helps in restoring precious habitat that was destroyed in 2012 from a devastating storm that blew down an estimated 95,000 of the 666,542-acre forest.

Tree Certificates

I love how you can read all about each forest before you make your selection.

Once selected, fill in the information of whom will be receiving the certificate, preview to make sure it’s just the way you like it, and order.

Tree Certificate - Arbor Day

I’ve already told my mom that Oliver got her a Trees in Celebration Certificate for her birthday, which also falls around the holiday time. She was absolutely elated or as we say in Missouri, tickled pink. I’m terrible at keeping surprises a secret. **shrugs.

You can get your Give-A-Tree Cards and Trees in Celebration Certificates at or by clicking the links provided here:

There’s also free shipping during the month of November 2018 and December 2018.

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