Earth Hour 2017

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

Every year we are encouraged to turn off our lights for a complete hour and really think about how we affect climate change. It’s a simple task. From 8:30-9:30 PM, your time, turn off the lights. I’d take it a step farther and just flip the breaker – turn everything off!
Last year, millions of people from 178 countries including the International Space Station took part to acknowledge the tough challenges we face in protecting our planet, whether it be depleting our resources, lowering our emissions, or reducing our waste. Turning off your lights for an hour is more about standing together to keep pushing for environmental change – and I think it’s more important now than ever before.
So what can you do in the hour of darkness?


  • Cuddle with your significant other – or more – wink, wink.
  • Read scary stories by candlelight.
  • Go star gazing.
  • Play “hide-and-go-seek” in the dark (this was a childhood favorite of mine)
  • Go to bed early….I’m seriously considering this one.
  • Just sit and have a conversation with whomever your with – make it about ways to help the Earth.
However you decide to celebrate, just remember, this is more than just turning lights off for an hour. It’s about changing our bad habits and making real, long lasting change. Continuing to progress and to continue supporting companies and organizations who make change a reality.
Happy Earth Hour!

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