DIY Pine Scented All-Purpose Cleaner


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Zero Waste All Purpose Cleaner | I quit using store-bought all-purpose cleaners years ago. They are incredibly expensive, and honestly, I just don’t see the need for them. It’s easy to fall prey to germ fear-mongering, but please. How else are companies going to get you to buy their overly, chemically cleaners if you don’t think the only way to ensure the cleanliness of your house is to use their products? **Queue the eye roll**

Zero Waste All Purpose Cleaner

I use a handful of non-toxic ingredients to clean my house. I know I save hundreds every year by not buying all of the fancy, schmancy foaming agents, abrasive powders, and the blue colored gels. And you know what, my house is still clean.

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Vinegar is also much safer. It’s nice not having to worry about my toddler getting into anything that would make him sick. The only thing he’ll find under my sink is baking soda, my favorite plastic-free scrub brushes, old socks I use as rags, and my homemade bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

But does it work?

I get this question a lot. The short answer? Yes. But why…

Vinegar is a powerhouse. Vinegar’s main ingredient is acetic acid and studies have reported that vinegar is very effective at killing bacteria. So put your mind at ease and put the bleach down.

I typically infuse citrus peels, mainly lemon peels, into my cleaner, but since it’s close to Christmas, I’m deciding to make my cleaning products festive. And I’m serious when I say this cleaner smells exactly like Christmas. I was shocked to find how well it infuses.

Zero Waste All Purpose Cleaner

DIY Pine Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

A homemade all-purpose cleaner, infused with juniper berries and pine limbs to make a wonderful smelling cleaner to be used all over your home.
Author Megean Weldon


  • Equal Cups Distilled Vinegar
  • Equal Cups Water
  • Jarful of Juniper Berries and Pine limbs


  • Simply add 1:1 vinegar to water in whatever bottle or container you have. I typically use a quart mason jar.
  • Add all ingredients to a mason jar and let infuse for up to two weeks. Transfer to a spray bottle and clean away!

Important Note! Vinegar isn’t safe for all surfaces including granite, marble, or real hardwood floors. Just use liquid dish soap for those.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Pine Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

  1. Totally agree on using vinegar for cleaning! I switched a year or so ago and I’m never going back. I do occasionally use hydrogen perioxide in addition to vinegar if something was super icky like raw chicken or spraying doorknobs after I’ve been sick.

    I let out an internal “eeek” when I read your note st the bottom. I’ve definitely been using vinegar on my stone (unknown type) countertops and my hardwood floors. What’s the problem there?

    • I’m never going back either! 🙂

      Vinegar can etch stone and wear away the protective coating on hardwoods since it’s an acid. So I but the disclaimer as a warning. If you are diluting your vinegar that might be better.

    • For hardwood floors and stone vinegar will eventually eat off the protective finish. Natural stones are porous and will need refinished much sooner with use of vinegar. Hardwood floors are similar. It’s not something you see when you use it but over time the finish will turn matte then wear away completely. Unfinished stone stains easily. Thankfully stone can simply be cleaned with soapy water.

  2. Ah okay thank you both! I do dilute the vinegar – usually around 4:1 with water. I also thought most stone used for countertops was “finished” (except marble)? I remember a family friend got new granite countertops and they had signs up to remind themselves not to leave any standing water on the counters until the contractor came to seal them.

    I get so much satisfaction out of my nightly spray down. Sigh.

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