DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

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I love fun and easy projects to make with my son. I especially love that we can make things that are completely waste free and beneficial to wildlife. Winter time is bitterly cold and finding things to do can sometimes be difficult so making something like this Pine Cone Bird Feeder, that provides entertainment for days, is truly a win.

I remember making these pine cone bird feeders with my great grandparents when I was little. We’d smear peanut butter all over the pine cone and ourselves and cover them with what ever bird seed my grandfather had at the time. With the lack of food available for birds during winter, the feeders were a very popular place for them to congregate.

We’d watch the birds for hours and I’d sketch them in my notebook. (This is where I fell in love with birding journals.) We’d see cardinals, finches, and various kinds of woodpeckers. It was so much fun and now you can make one with your kids, too.

DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

I purchased my bird seed in bulk at a local pet store and I make my own PB so this is how I was able to make these feeders without any waste. We also foraged for the pine cones at our local park. They are huge!

You’ll need:

  1. Pine Cone
  2. String
  3. Scissors
  4. Peanut Butter
  5. Bird Seed

Tie the String Around the Pine Cone

I would do this first as it makes it easier for handling once the peanut butter has been applied. I also tie the string a few layers down from the stem so that the string does not slip off.

Apply Peanut Butter

Let your littles get messy. It’s fun! Cover the entire pine cone with as much PB as you like. And of course you can use another nut butter besides peanut.

Sprinkle or Roll into Bird Seed

Cover all of the nut butter with seed so that it’s fully covered.

Hang Outside

Hang bird feeder in a tree or on the house close to a window so you can bird watch for days.

And once the pine cone is empty, you can re-add nut butter and seed as many times as you like. Well, it’s time for me to get out my old birding journal!



3 thoughts on “DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

  1. This is so fab! What a great activity to do with kids. I remember making seed pots with my Brownie group when I was little and I loved it! It’s a great way of getting children interested in nature and the world around them. I’ll definitely be trying this one soon. 🙂

    • Oh seed pots would be fun! I think getting kids into nature is the best way to make them passionate for sustainable living. Too many children are not getting outside and getting dirty.

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