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I think it’s time for a giveaway, my lovelies! I want to share some plastic free goodies to get you one step closer to zero waste!

Have you tried compostable dish brushes, yet? If not, here’s your chance to win a set!

I’m giving away one compostable dish brush and one compostable veggie brush (this brush’s versatility goes way beyond scrubbing produce!). The brushes are 100% vegan and 100% plastic free!

To enter, simply comment below with what zero waste means to you. Contest ends next Thursday! Good Luck!

You can also find these brushes and more in my shop at!

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45 thoughts on “Dish Brush Giveaway!

  1. To me, zero waste means being mindful of where the things I use come from and go, and living in light of that. Also fostering a spirit of contentment rather than standard consumerism. Thanks for doing the giveaway! ☺

  2. So very important. We all need to do our part as Pres. DT. Pulled out its now even more important for all individuals to care! Thanks for this blessed g and updates to remove be us of all the simple ways it helps!

  3. Lovely! Would love to win brushes! Zero waste idea is totally life changing. I am working on many aspects of my family's life to achieve the goal and discovered that is totally possible and is not much of a sacrifice. Zero waste approach also brought enjoyment to simple daily life and helped me appreciate the moment. Trying to inspire more people to go for it.

  4. To me zero waste means minimizing my footprint by reducing the amount of trash myself and my family puts out, reusing/repurposing the things we have. Also recycling. We've expanded our vegetable garden and are growing a majority of the produce we would typically purchase. This cuts down on driving, saves money at the store, reduces the amount trash we would put out since there's no packaging to deal with etc. Plus I have two small children and I'm hopeful that the changes I'm making now will stick with them as they get older and they'll be mindful of their impact on the environment.

  5. Being zero waste to me, means being mindful of the products I use and their effect on the environment. By moving towards a zero waste lifestyle (among other things) I hope to do my part in helping the environment

  6. Zero waste to me simply means doing the best I can to live my convictions of wanting to do the least amount of harm possible on this earth. Being mindful of where the things I'm buying and voting for with my money, or simply accepting into my life come from, but also and equally if not more important, where it ends up when I'm finished with it. Reducing my intake of frivolity and reusing perfectly good items whenever possible and practical has definitely simplified and enlightened my life. I have yet to use a compostable brush but have had my eye on one for awhile, just waiting until my dish loofah completely becomes unusable (which seems to be in the very near future) and I would be honored to win this set you have so generously offered to a lucky soul. ���� Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspirational blog!!!

  7. Being zero waste means I can inspire others and influence people just by making more eco friendly choices. Whether it's just being vegan or choosing reusables instead of disposables, I am able to show that living sustainable doesn't have to mean sacrificing time or money. Instead, I've been able to align my beliefs with my actions and I've been making a positive impact along the way!

  8. To me zero waste simply means living my conviction of doing the least amount of harm to this Earth as possible while I am here. By being mindful of where the items I buy and vote for with my money, or even just accept into my life, as well as reusing perfectly good items, I have been able to reduce my intake of frivolity and in turn have simplified and seriously enlightened my life in the best way. By making me super conscious of my consumption and waste I feel like I am really doing something worthwhile to help this planet and feel so grateful for that ability. I have yet to try compostable brushes but have definitely had my eye on one for awhile (just waiting for my loofah to completely become unusable which seems to be sooner than later) so this would be perfect timing if I had the honor of winning this set that you are so generously offering to give to a lucky soul! 🤞🏽 Thank you for spreading the zero waste lifestyle with your beautiful blog and store!!!

  9. For me zero waste means recognizing how life on earth operates as a system, and how my actions fit into it. The materials I use can return to the earth and help this system function, i.e. compost fueling new life, or it can clog up the system and get in the way of the earth's natural function, i.e. plastic sitting forever in landfills. If we do it right, waste is never just waste, it's fuel for something new!

  10. This is awesome! Zero waste to means living my values and showing my earth I care about it through my everyday practices. It means taking only what is necessary and returning all we can to continue the cycle of waste being food.

  11. Originally, zero waste was about being mindful about my actions and decisions in order to leave something worthwhile for the next generation but it has turned out to be much more. It has indirectly caused me to simplify my life, allowed me to learn new skills and spend more time with family and friends.

  12. Zero waste means caring for my family, making this planet a healthier, safer place where my kids can grow up breathing clean air, drinking clean water. I've taken several steps to achieve this goal. My use of plastic is minimal, I have reusable bags, reusable water bottles, shop in bulk as much as I can, I recycle. My kids are learning about these things too. These brushes will be ideal for my zero waste kitchen!

  13. For me, zero waste means retraining my brain not to be wasteful just out of habit. Before encountering zero waste, think about how often you might grab a paper towel, or every bottle you'd throw away without considering how to recycle it. Zero waste is about reprogramming my brain and developing better habits that have less impact on the environment.

  14. To me, zero waste is living a lifestyle now of intentional and sustainable choices, to leave a better world for my children. It means putting more thought into my choices and actions to make sure I'm not living a disposable lifestyle.

  15. Zero waste for me is being mindful of the things you acquire. If you can't live your life without its worth having it. But if you can go on with your day to day without it. You dont need to buy or get it.

  16. To me, Zero Waste means learning to live in harmony with the natural world rather than constantly taking. It means taking control of my own actions to fight climate change and environmental destruction even when governments and the overall culture won't. It means striving for integrity and gentleness, and hoping that I am clearing a path that others can follow.

  17. Zero waste means doing everything possible today to improve the quality of life for future generations. It's not like we get a do over to save the planet.

  18. I think it's impossible to be zero waste because as living creatures we naturally exert waste, so to me “zero waste” means minimizing the waste you produce and similarly trying to mitigate the impacts by helping the environment in other ways (such as cleaning up trash and tending to a garden.)

  19. Pursuing a zero waste lifestyle means that I'm prioritizing my planet and humanity over everything else. I'm working to foster an environment that is healthier than when I found it. It means that I'm able to see the beauty and feel the importance of the experiences in life rather than materials acquired. It's a way of life, closely resembling a religion in my home. It provides me with a purpose.

  20. Zero waste means caring about the planet and doing everything I can to show that through my actions.

  21. Zero waste means living in a way that reflects the type of world you envision. It means valuing resources and the planet that we live on; behaving in a way that shows consideration towards the earth and those who inhabit it.

  22. Zero waste means setting a new goal for how we live in the world and to rebuild our local economies in support of community health, sustainability, and justice.

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