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I know how difficult it can be to find stores that carry package-free foods. Shopping bulk is the epitome of zero waste living as it appears and many think they do not have this option near them.

First and foremost, bulk shopping isn’t referring to going down to your nearest club store to stock up on a years’ worth of toilet paper. It’s also not referring to cutesy, little country stores that repackage dry goods in their own plastic packaging.

Both of those types of stores also use the terminology of “bulk shopping”. It’s important to understand the zero waste lingo.

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This type of bulk shopping is referring to open, package-free food that can be transferred into your own containers.

zero waste dish soap refill

This option usually encompasses spices, dry goods like baking supplies, beans, pasta, rice, snack mixes, candy, oils, vinegar, soaps, cleaning products, and a whole lot more.

More and more of these sustainable options are popping up all over the world allowing people to shop without the packaging and enabling them to reduce their overall plastic waste. It’s just so wonderful!

Bulk Pasta

I’ve compiled a list (and still adding!) of not only just stores that carry bulk items but stores who carry items that fit the zero-waste lifestyle.

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If you’d like to add a store to the list, please fill out the form below. The more we add, the more waste we can reduce!


Please do not submit WINCO; I am not adding their locations to this list since they do not allow reusable containers.




28 thoughts on “Bulk Locations

  1. Locally here in North Texas we have our Whole Foods stores and Winco Grocery at 1800 N Graves, McKinney, TX. My favorite in Texas has to be in.gredients at 2610 Manor Rd in Austin, TX.

  2. You are an angel for putting this together. I can only imagine how much work went into this and I really appreciate it. I'll be moving around for the next few years so having this list of bulk stores is fantastic.

  3. I love Greenstar Coop!

    I live in Brooklyn now and just tried finding Weigh Station online, but couldn't. Do you know if it's still open?

  4. You need to remove Winco from your list. They do have bulk, but will not allow you to bit g in your own containers. And they only have plastic bags available. This is from my own experience at the Winco in Springfield, OR.

  5. Thank you for sorting by state. Sorting by city would be more helpful than by store. I really appreciate that you've made this list!

  6. Just a heads up. You have the Sacramento Coop listed as being in Santa Monica, it's located in Sacramento.

  7. In Saint Louis, there are actually a few more stores with bulk options. There are two Lucky's in Ellisville and Webster Groves. Dierberg's grocers has a bulk isle. Also, Local Harvest is a grocery store in downtown Saint Louis by Tower Grove Park which has a local, bulk section which even has olive oil!

  8. Hi, I got really excited when I saw Win-co in Mesa, Arizona listed as a bulk food store option in my town. The only problem is that if you want buy beans etc. you can bring in your own jars, however, the beans have to be put in the provided plastic bags and paid for first, then you can move the beans over into your own jars. I asked the manager what happens to the plastic bags I just used, “we recycle those”. So that defeats the purpose of zero waste if you are still having to use a product that has to go through the recycling process. When I asked about using my jars for liquid bulk items such as olive oil. There is no scale available to weigh and tare my jar so you have to use their plastic containers. Bummer. As far as “bulk foods” availability it's great, not so much if you are wanting to be zero waste. Unfortunately, after a lot of research there are NO “zero waste” stores in Arizona…at all. I guess the farmers markets are the best option if you aren't wanting to buy “packaging”.

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