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Zero Waste Carrots | I’m excited to say that this is the first of many posts in a series that I will be dedicating to food waste prevention. Instead of trying to fit everything you’d need to know about the subject in just one post , I’m going to make the topic a little less broad. Many articles I read on food waste prevention seem to be very basic and fail to go in depth on all of the possibilities. There has to be more you can do with veggie scraps than just stock, am I right?
These posts will look at just one food item at a time to completely dissect any and every possible way to use it in its entirety. We spend our hard earn dollars on food so why toss it or compost it when we can get more value out of the things in our pantries and fridges?
The first item on my list is carrots. Aren’t they just the best zero waste snack? I mean, I can’t think of a better vegetable for hummus transportation. They also make the best dog treats!

So how do you use the entire carrot?

Don’t peel!

Seriously, just give the carrots a good scrub and use it as is. There is absolutely no need to peel carrots. 

Eat the scraggly end.

Come on now, it’s edible – it tastes the same as the rest of the carrot.

Cook with the tops.

Have you ever thought to eat the tops? A few things you can do with them are:
  • Make carrot top pesto – this is probably the best application for the stems. It’s absolutely delicious. 
  • Add the tops to soups
  • Add the leafy parts to salads
  • Saute them and eat them as is

It’s funny how we’ve gotten used to not eating the stems. Give them a try! They are so good!

How to store carrots.

So how do you store carrots to ensure that they will last a long time. If just left in the crisper drawer, they seem to go limp within a few days – and no-one wants a limp carrot. After you have removed the stems and scrubbed them, place carrots in a container with water. The cool water will keep the crisp for quite awhile. However, don’t forget the change out the water periodically as it could start to turn.

How do you use the entire carrot?

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