8 Apps for an Easier Zero Waste Life

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To make my transition to Zero Waste living easier, I have taken full advantage of the multitude of apps that are available. These apps are important tools that I have found great value in. They have saved me a lot of time and frustration as well as helped me discover new places and ways to make this lifestyle work where I live. I know there are more than just the ones listed here but these are my zero waste app favorites.



I’ve mentioned Yelp before as a great way to find locations that offer bulk options. Though it’s not 100% in locating every single bulk location, it does help me find a lot of them. One feature that I truly love is being able to see pictures that others have uploaded to a specific location. This shows what the stores have to offer. It’s important that, in order for this app to become more useful, we review and upload pictures of bulk locations as we find them. This will help others find these locations in the future. You can also use this app to locate thrift stores.


Buying secondhand is always a preferred plan A when needing something. Buying secondhand saves you tons of money and prevents new items from entering the waste stream. You can also utilize this app to sell or give away unwanted items. Here’s a weird example of how great this app is, I recently found someone willing to give me free sawdust that I can use for my kitty litter boxes. No packaging and completely no cost!


Even though the idea of zero waste is to minimize our recycling as well as our waste, we will still have things that cannot be avoided and will need to be recycled. An example? Light bulbs. iRecycle is a wonderful tool from Earth911 that shows you where you can recycle specific items in your area. This app is truly a lifesaver. Some things can be a huge hassle and almost not worth it when it comes to finding somewhere that will responsibly take it. This app eliminates that frustration and gets you a location immediately.


Have a lot of stuff you’d like to get rid of but don’t want to send it to a landfill? Use an app like Letgo to not only find a new owner for your unwanted items but also make money on them!
There are several apps available that do this sort of thing. Some other options are Varagesale, Wallapop, and eBay.


Instagram is a wonderful source of inspiration. There are several individuals that post easy tips and tricks on how to implement easy zero waste changes in your life. Go to the hashtag “#zerowaste” and have fun surfing through all of the wonderful accounts!



Pinterest is another great place for inspiration. You can find many wonderful DIYs, How-Tos, and recipes for beginning a zero waste life. Want to find a recipe for zero waste toothpaste? There’s about a dozen or more on this site alone from all of your favorite Zero Waste bloggers! Pinterest makes it easy to “pin” these articles that you find useful and return to them later for quick reference.
Check out the Zero Waste Nerd Pinterest page!

Share Waste

Share Waste is an online app that allows you to host your compost bin for your neighbors to use or allows you to locate neighbors that will accept your kitchen scraps. Check out my post HERE!


OLIO connects neighbors with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away.





What “zero waste” apps do you find helpful for minimizing your waste?


17 thoughts on “8 Apps for an Easier Zero Waste Life

  1. Why didn't I think of Yelp?! I'm trying to find stores that have bulk food sections and was dreading the scavenger hunt. Hopefully there will be some good info on Yelp, but if not, there will be when I'm through!

  2. This is so great!! Thanks for posting. I also love (freecylce.com though I don't know if it has an app) and the zero waste home app that allows you to locate bulk stores in your area.

  3. I am going zero waste as my 2017 resolution (and btw, I also have my first son who was born in May!) Anyway, an app I recommend is PaperKarma You use it to take a picture of junk mail and they work on getting the company to stop sending it to you!

  4. Weren’t there some health concerns from sawdust particulate inhalation? I’m not sure if that was more for rodent pets… Maybe worth looking into?

  5. I really like the app Peerby, it started in Europe, but essentially connects you with your neighbors to participate in a sharing/borrowing community so that you don’t have to go out and buy something if you can just borrow it from your neighbors.

  6. I thought this was a really good start on apps that can help you live a more zero waste lifestyle. I have been trying to go more zero waste or low waste since last year and I haven’t considered using apps yet. One of my biggest pain points, even with the more organic and eco friendly stores here is that they don’t have a lot of bulk options beyond things like nuts, spices, tea, and dry fruit. I wish my state capital had more options for buying products like shampoo, conditioner, and soap in refillable containers or had more options beyond Lush!

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