6 Plastic Straw Alternatives

Reusable Alternatives to Plastic Straws

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I think we’ve entered this era where we are obsessed with straws. Sadly, we use about 500 million a dayEvery single beverage comes with a plastic straw these days. Most of the time, they are completely unnecessary but yet, restaurants and bars thrust them into our drinks before we can even sit down. It’s almost offensive. Now, I understand that some of us still prefer to drink from straws (I am one of those people) or have to without choice. I’m not by any means suggesting that you all just “suck it up” without a straw. See what I did there? There are options!

Plastic Straw Alternatives

plastic straw alternatives

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Straws

My personal choice. I love how these are indestructible and that they keep the ice in my glass…well…ice. Most sets I’ve seen come with a cleaning brush so that you can easily ensure there is not residual food left behind. I also find these perfect for my toddler son who is a little hard on most things.


Great for those of you who prefer to “see through” the straw. Also, extremely beautiful. Keep in mind that with the glass option, though pretty durable, you’ll need to be careful.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It can grow any where from 3 – 5 feet per year making it one of the most sustainable plant materials available and a pretty good plastic straw replacement.


Silicone is definitely not my first choice as I treat it pretty closely to plastic. It’s currently a non renewable, lab created substance and how it’s structure is affected under intense cold and heat, make me a little apprehensive if it’s a good alternative anymore. However, if you or someone you care for has a disability and needs straws for drinking or eating. Silicone could be a potential contender as a durable and safe reusable. Since the the straw will not get heated to a high temp, I see no issue with it compromising anyone’s health or safety. Silicone is a relatively safe material.

Edible Straws


When I first saw LOLISTRAW I was so intrigued. Wouldn’t these be a perfect solution for restaurants? They would be perfect for a mass disposable replacement. LOLISTRAW is made from LOLIWARE’s patent-pending, seaweed-based material technology and is 100% PLASTIC-FREE, Hypercompostable, marine-degradable, and non-GMO. So, once you are done with your drink, you can eat the straw!


Another option to replace mass disposable plastic straws at large scale events and at restaurants. I’d still recommend a complete reusable alternative for an individual since paper still utilizes precious resources to create.


If you are following along with my Sustainable Summer Challenge, this is Week 3 – which is all about reducing our plastic straw consumption. Here’s your homework for the week:

  • Get into the habit of refusing a straw at restaurants and bars.
  • Carry your own reusable alternative if you still prefer to drink from a straw.
  • Hug a turtle. I wish, right?

7 thoughts on “6 Plastic Straw Alternatives

  1. I love my stainless steel straws too. I have been struggling a bit to find a dripless way to store them again in my purse or pocket until I get home or to a public restroom and can wash them out. My straws, like many on offer, did not come with their own storage case. My temporary solution is a pretty little cardboard-and-fabric holder that came with a set of upscale chopsticks. Anybody have an idea that doesn’t involve a plastic bag?

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