30 More Days to Zero Waste

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

Ok – so you’ve followed along with the 30 Days to Zero Waste, you gotten them all pretty well figured out, and now you are ready for more! Well, you’re in luck because I have 30 more days worth of tips!
I know you are all just SO excited! Ha!

I hope these tips are new and slightly more difficult. The idea of these next 30 is to “kick it up a notch!” There’s always more we can do to lessen our impact and reduce our overall waste. Does it ever stop? Probably not but I know a lot of you love the challenge! Let’s see how far you can go…

As of now, there are no clickable pictures with detailed posts explaining each day. I will be working on that over the next few months. I’ll be explaining these a little further on social media, so follow along there! 🙂

Stay tuned for more to come!