30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 7: Bulk)

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30 Days to Zero Waste (Bulk) | More and more grocery stores are implementing bulk sections, which is fantastic for those of us who wish to eliminate food packaging. The bulk sections are usually comprised of a few aisles of items like flour, sugar, spices, nuts, cereals, grains, and candy that are completely package-free.

A lot of stores even have bulk peanut butter, honey, oils, soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, and cleaners.

This can be very tricky right now – and honestly, this can be tricky even when we are not in the midst of a pandemic.
Access to bulk foods/package-free foods is and has been an issue for many so I will do my best to give you as many options as possible.
1. If you do have bulk foods that are not closed up right now, use your own containers such as the bulk bags I talked about yesterday or some jars you have lying around the house.
2. Don’t forget to have your containers weighed before so that the tare weight can be subtracted from the total – you only want to pay for the food.
3. If your reusable containers are not allowed right now – opt for paper if it’s available and recycle or compost.
Additionally – check out zero waste “bulk” online stores like @pantrygoodskc or something similar in your area. These companies send you your food in jars for a deposit and can be returned once empty.
I’ve also been known to reuse the containers that stores provide for their bulk sections if I cannot use my reusables. I used the same plastic peanut butter tub for years since my local store couldn’t tare my jar.
And if you don’t have any bulk near you check out this post:
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If you’re interested to know more about how to shop the bulk sections, check out my post (5 Steps to Zero Waste Bulk Shopping)! Also, check out my article, How to Locate Bulk Stores.

Now, I know a lot of you will not have access to every product you buy in bulk and that is fine. Opt for items in paper packaging over plastic so you can recycle or compost the paper later. Also, don’t hesitate to call your stores to inquire about them getting bulk options. The stores have to cater to the consumer, you know. 😉 Just remember, even a few baby steps go a long way!

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