30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 4: Ditch the Paper Towels)

zero waste paper towel

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Zero Waste Challenge – Ditch Paper Towels | Did you know that “every day, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the US alone?”  This is a good opportunity to upcycle socks or any other piece of clothing that can’t be saved. Cut the fabric into squares, put them in a drawer, or in a basket under the sink. When I’m needing to clean house or wipe up a mess, I use reusable rags that I just throw into the laundry when the rag is dirty. Want something a little fancier? Check out PeopleTowels line of eco-friendly reusable hand towels! Such an easy swap that will eliminate more of your trash and save you more money!

Day 5: Use a Reusable Coffee Cup

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To answer all of your questions about ditching paper towels, check out my post-Ditching Paper Towels – Answering your Questions.

10 thoughts on “30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 4: Ditch the Paper Towels)

  1. This would never work in my household of 2. You read that right, two. I'm the only one with the required lady parts to do laundry and I'm not cleaning up after my bf/bad roommate. Disposable will have to do until he either grows up. Fat chance after 30. Or moves on…..Sorry I'm venting. I just took a shower and had to dry off with a hand towel because nobody did towels after I did last week.

  2. What is the overall impact comparison of towels vs paper towels? Assuming you use rags to clean up serious messes, on a regular basis, is the energy expended in washing them still less?

  3. Hi Shannon! Great question! When comparing water usage between cleaning rags and manufacturing paper towels, the amount would probably be close. It's hard to say considering there are many factors that could determine that number. However, water usage is only one of many variables that should be measured when determining if something is more “eco-friendly.” Unlike rags, paper towels must be manufactured repetitively since we toss them each use, packaged, and transported multiple times (to factories, warehouses, then to stores). They also create quite a bit of solid landfill waste which as to be transported from one's house to a landfill where it will contribute to emissions along with the other refuse. All in all, in my opinion, rags created by scrap material we have lying around is the greener choice.

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