30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 30: Recycle)

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I have left recycling to day 30 for a very important reason. The idea of zero waste isn’t that we should recycle more, but need to recycle less given that we have started bringing less packaging into our homes. Recycling isn’t the overall solution to our waste problem, however, given the huge differences in our lives and what each of our home cities offers, recycling is always the better option than discarding your items into the trash can.


With that said, get a designated bin for recyclables and recycle everything you possibly can. Most cities have recycling drop-offs as well as scheduled curbside pickups. There are even companies, like TerraCycle, that will recycle a lot of the things that you were certain were destined for the landfill like cigarette butts, some toothpaste packing, cheese packaging, and the list goes on.


Just because we are on day 30 does not mean that the challenge is over. I designed this to be a simplified guide for everyone to come back to at their own convenience. Your 30 Day challenge can begin at any time and can take as long as you need. Implement one change a week or one change every two weeks. Whatever works for you.


Thank you to all of the wonderful followers I have gained along this journey! It gives me so much joy to see more and more people interested in pursuing all or even parts of this lifestyle. It all starts with us!
Stay tuned for more!

36 thoughts on “30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 30: Recycle)

  1. The 30 days challenge showed me that taking little steps to a zero waste lifestyle can create a huge impact on my plastic and waste footprint! We all can do it, and helping each other on the way is necessary 🙂

  2. Great ideas! The challenge showed me how a little planning ahead can really cut down on waste. I have a long way to go, but I did avoid using one use cups all month!

  3. Loved this! My favorite things I learned were making reusable tissues (I'd already been using hankies but didn't like them for when I was really snotty). I cut up a pair of torn flannel pajamas right after reading about it! And I loved the sustainable home practices post. It is a great reminder to unplug! Thanks!

  4. The most valuable thing I've taken away from this is composting! A bunch of our waste was from food, and in addition be being more aware of what we are buying too much of, we are now composting our scraps in our apartment with a bokashi composter.

  5. I didn't know 'Zero Waste' was even a thing until about 2 months ago. Your posts have helped me evaluate the waste problems in my home and you gave me solutions. We have a long way to go but I'm loving the journey so far.

  6. I am so thankful to have found u and have been following every post this month! Glad to learn more ways to be less wasteful. The one that stick with me is the reusable bags for produce and bulk purchases. I am doing that now! All the ideas were awesome to incorporate into our daily lives!

  7. Thanks for this challenge I've really enjoyed it! (still got a couple of days to go) The most valuable thing I learned was how much simpler and cheaper my cleaning products can be 🙂

  8. I learned that there are truly so many ways of trying to be a more resourceful and sustainable person. Whether there is something that I am lacking in or something I have strengths in, I know better now that there are boundless ways of improving both myself and the environment.

  9. I have learned so many things from your blog posts over the last 30 days and have already begun to implement changes to our lifestyle. We have recycled for several years, but still seem to produce a lot of waste. Your blog has encouraged me to start finding ways to purchase goods from bins using cloth bags and to store those items in glass containers. I have also started researching composting. With 3 small children, food waste is a big problem for us. I am wondering how easy it will be to get closer to zero waste while raising little ones? Will I be able to find a variety of foods they will like? Will I have time to learn how to make everything from scratch, especially bathroom products? Will we be able to afford it? I appreciate all your posts and realize this would be a healthier lifestyle for us, so I am sure going to try. Thank you so much!

  10. The past 30 days has really opened my eyes to more creative ways to go about doing things. I've cut back on buying things packaged with plastic, and am recycling better! I'm also looking for nice fabric to make a bunch of handkerchiefs out of to use once I finish up my tissues.

    I also got a new razor, the last head on my cheaper one finally gave up the ghost, and I hunted all over town before I found myself a beautiful safety razor!

    I'm feeling better about myself for becoming more educated and taking action!

    I can't wait to read what else you have to share!

  11. This was a great 30-day series! Even if you can only do a little bit, it still counts. I've purchased stainless steel utensils that I now carry with me everywhere.

  12. I am trying so hard and have been the most successful with using cloth bags when I shop. It is still taking time to make it a complete habit for every where I go, but I always take it to the grocery, so I guess that's a start. I also try to buy things that are in jars, in glass containers and try to think of what I can do with them afterwards. For instance, I have decided that my Starbucks Iced coffee jars will work great for water bottles to travel with instead of the plastic store boughten ones.

  13. I've been loving reading through your blog. I used to be very into zero waste/green living but after getting married and moving a lot I got lazy… But you've inspired me to start reducing my trash again! We just moved to an area that has lots of bulk options so I'm excited for this new challenge!

  14. Teresa, it makes me so happy that I could help you! 🙂 If you have your own yard, composting is so easy. Ours is just 4 stakes with chicken wire wrapped around it that is next to the garden. We throw all of our food scraps in it and other various things. It's gotten rid of our need to buy garbage bags completely. Bathroom products are so simple to make! Coconut oil will be your best friend, ha! I worried about these things to because it seems as if it would take forever to do these things instead of buy them. I have to say though, we've actually saved about 40% on our grocery bills since we've started doing this, and that's with buying the organic stuff. I was completely surprised! Never hesitate to message me if you have any questions, I'd love to help! 🙂

  15. I’m definitely a follower of these practices. However, TIME is of the essence. Let’s think before we “waste” that precious element of our life.

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