30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 25: Hankies and Reusable Tissues)

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Here’s another easy swap. To avoid disposable tissues, use a hankie or make your own homemade tissues by cutting up an old shirt or sheet and putting them into a container. Once the tissues or hankies have been used, throw them in with your normal wash. More money saved! I personally like using homemade tissues more than the delicate tissues out of a box. They just work better and are gentler on my schnoz.


There are some concerns about the sanitary situation of hankies while being sick, so what I’d recommend is using the hankies for non-sick instances and using the reusable tissues for times when you are a germ factory.


I found two very lovely hankies from an antique shop that I always keep in my purse or pocket. One aids in nasal annoyances and the other comes in very handy to avoid using paper towels to dry my hands in public bathrooms. Am I the only one who does this? Ha!
For more information on reusable tissues/hankies check out my post: Zero Waste Alternatives to Tissues


Day 26: Home Efficiency

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