30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 22: Use a Safety Razor)

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I know, I know, the thought of using a safety razor sounds like it will end up with an emergency room visit due to massive lacerations to your legs. Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case at all. Getting a safety razor is on this list because it is another great swap to eliminating disposable waste from the landfills. According to the EPA, about 2 billion disposable razors are discarded every year. Yikes!

The cost of safety razors varies depending on if you buy new or used. You can find second-hand razors at antique stores or you can check out the one I use personally HERE. It’s a dream – I have to say!


For the razor blades, you can get those at your local pharmacy where I have found mine in paper packaging. As long as you keep the blades dry after use, they will last you quite a long time. A box of them will probably end up lasting me a few years.

To learn how to use your razor, check out my post: “Shaving With a Safety Razor.

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6 thoughts on “30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 22: Use a Safety Razor)

  1. First of all… I LOVE your blog! I'm getting so many tips!

    I actually go one step further and use a straight razor to shave my legs. My favourite is 90 years old, just think how many disposable razors haven't ended up in landfill because of this guy! Once they've been refurbished and sharpened, a leather strop is all you need to keep it sharp, and as long as you take it slow, they're quite safe. I've cut myself more times than I can count with disposables, but have never cut myself with my straight 🙂

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