30 Days to Zero Waste (Day 15: Visit Your Farmer’s Market)

zero waste farmer's market

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

Zero Waste Challenge – Farmer’s Market | Shopping local is better for the environment You also have access to many products that are handmade and homegrown. This means less packaging.
Shopping for household essentials doesn’t have to be a dreaded task we all have to do. I visit my local markets bi-monthly to stock up on the items I need. I love it!
Zig-zagging through all of the produce, baked goods, spices, and handmade items becomes an activity I look forward to. It gives me the chance to support local families and farmers, learn about where my food comes from, connect with my community, and saves me some money.
There are too many things we are putting into our bodies today that is well, questionable when it comes to ingredients and how it was grown. Opt for the farmer’s market when possible!
Need help locating a farmer’s market near you? Check out the USDA’s Farmer’s Market Directory.
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