30 MORE Days to Zero Waste

Ok – so you’ve followed along with the 30 Days to Zero Waste, you gotten them all pretty well figured out, and are ready for more? Well, you’re in luck because I have 30 more days worth of tips!
I know you are all just SO excited! Ha!
I hoping these tips are new and slightly more difficult. The idea of these next 30 was to “kick it up a notch!” There’s always more we can do to lessen our impact and reduce our overall waste. Does it ever stop? Probably not but I know a lot of you love the challenge! Let’s see how far you can go…

If you didn’t get a chance to follow along on social media, that’s fine! I’ll be updating each one in a separate post soon. I will also be redoing this challenge every year on my Instagram and Facebook pages starting January 1.

Thanks so much for following along!

6 thoughts on “30 MORE Days to Zero Waste

  1. Hi Meagan!I am so thrilled I found your blog! I have been wanting to go zero waste for a long time, have started living that way, but needed some tips on how to do so a little more effectively. This blog has helped a lot and given me a lot of ideas. I would love to read your 30 MORE Days to Zero Waste entries, but the links aren't working… is it just me? Please help <3 Thank you!

  2. Love your blog so much! I'm following all your guides to start a zero waste lifestyle for my family and I. The links aren't working for me either.

  3. Great blog! Learning lots. I'd love to see a post about using the local library's resources as a resource for zero waste living- cuts back significantly on book waste (many books can't be recycled because of the glue in the binding, and just because they're donated to a thrift store doesn't mean they're never getting thrown out!). My local library in Victoria, BC also has access to print and digital newspapers, magazines, photocopiers, DVDs and CDs, and toys for kids. I don't own my own printer anymore and rarely buy new books anymore.

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