30 Days to Zero Waste

Happy New Year, everyone! Just like that, we say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016! I’m sure every year, some of you set goals or New Year’s resolutions for yourselves. I, too, fall into that category of the 50% who do. What can I say, I love goal setting, and any opportunity that supports that, I’m in! What are your resolutions this year? Are you opting to save money? Eat a healthier diet? Learn something new? Become less stressed? Spend more time with family? These resolutions I just listed are some of the top 10 most common that people set. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just set one resolution this year to achieve all of those? Well, we can!

2016 New Year’s Resolution: Work Towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle

I’m sure many of your eyebrows just raised a little bit. I know, I know, sounds crazy, but it doesn’t have to be. Most resolutions fail because people lack the necessary support and tools to achieve those goals. I’m going to provide you with both. Over the next 30 days (keeping it at 30 so anyone can start this on any month), I will provide you with a daily zero waste swap that you can implement into your lifestyle. Most will be easy, some may be a little more difficult, but the goal is to provide you with valuable money saving, stress eliminating, Earth saving tips and tricks to over haul your life in so many positive ways. Will you have a squeaky clean, empty trash can at the end of the 30 days? Probably not, but you will gain useful knowledge that will jump start your own zero waste journey. It’s up to you on how far you go. Are you on board? If so, congratulations! I’m excited for you to join me on this journey! Stay tuned on January 1, for your first zero waste lifestyle swap! Also, follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page, where I’ll be announcing the daily goals as well, with the hashtag #30daystozerowaste.


**At the end of this journey, I will randomly select one lucky challenge participant with a zero waste gift box! All you need to do is like my Facebook page and comment on the final blog post for the 30 day zero waste challenge with the most valuable thing you’ve learned from this journey.**

Miss a day? That’s ok! Follow the previous days below:

http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-1-use-cloth.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-2-use.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-3-eliminate.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-4-ditch-paper.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-5-use.html  Cloth Produce Bags
Day 7: Bulk Bins http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-8-bring-your.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-9-returnable.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-10-to-go.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-11-use.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-12-homemade.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-13-resuable.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-14-start.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-15-visit-your.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-16-junk-mail.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-17-shampoo.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-18-refuse.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-19-opt-for.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-20-gifts.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-21-grow-your.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-22-use-safety.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-23-simplify.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-24-use.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-25-hankies.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-26-home.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-27-ditch.html
http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-28-repair-and.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-29-avoid.html http://www.zerowastenerd.com/2016/01/30-days-to-zero-waste-day-30-recycle.html

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  1. Great idea! I am starting today! I already switched to a menstrual cup and reusable watter bottle but I have yet to implement the other tips. Thanks for this post!

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