1st Update on My 2017 Goals

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If you recall, I set some pretty exciting goals for Zero Waste Nerd at the beginning of the year and I promised to give you all an update here and there. Well, this is that update. First of all, life has been C-R-A-Z-Y! So many things have happened in the last few months so I’ll give you the run down!
We ended February with 30 More Zero Waste tips! You all did such an amazing job following along. Some of those challenges were not so easy – I hope all of those tips provide you with a good guide to go back to as you progress at your own pace. What’s even more exciting is Julianne Hough jumped on the 30 Days to Zero Waste Challenge!
Can I just say that it’s so fantastic that Zero Waste has gotten this amount of recognition? 
On Facebook I’ve started utilizing engaging themes like:
  • #MotivationMonday – I’ll post inspirational quotes, stories, etc.
  • #ZeroWasteTipTuesday – I’ll talk about a tip to help you get closer to your zero waste goals
  • #ZeroWasteWinsday – An open platform for everyone to brag about their zero waste wins for the week. I’ll even giving shout outs to followers who’ve made great strides.
  • #InspirationThursday – Shout outs to inspiring bloggers, YouTubers, stories, or any individuals who have a great zero waste mission and story to tell.
  • #ZeroWasteFoodFridays – I’ll post recipes that can be made with minimal to no packaging, talk about food waste, and give you tips on how to make meals healthier and less wasteful.
  • #SimpleSwapSaturdays – I’ll give you an easy swap idea to take one more disposable item out of your lives.
  • #GroceryHaulSundays – A time where we can all brag about our low to no waste grocery shopping – pictures HIGHLY encouraged. 😉
I’m still working on getting more posts done. Something else big has happened in my life that is taking over my personal time. I recently left my job as a Senior Software Developer to start a new job as IT Manager for a local corn mill. The job comes with a huge learning curve for me but I’m so excited to push myself and grow as an IT professional. It also helps that it is only a 5 minute drive or a 20 minute bike ride from my house. I’m SO looking forward to biking more this spring and summer!

The design refresh is coming along. I’ve decided to freshen up the logo as well. I feel like this is a new year so a new look is in order. 
and finally, I’m so excited to announce….

The Zero Waste Shop is Live!

You’ve probably seen the “Shop” button added to the navigation menu. It will take you to the online shop where I will stock everything that I mention through out my challenges and blog about reducing your waste. Dish brushes, produce bags, stainless steel straws and containers, I hope to provide you with a place to easily get sustainable items to help you on your waste reduction journeys. 
You probably remember me mentioning my partnership with Roundhouse Exchange in Kansas City. The owner has decided to pursue bigger environmental endeavors and passed the business on to me. I’m so excited….can you tell? I’m currently working on getting more inventory so check back often! 

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