110 Eco Tips to Save the Planet

101 eco tips, zero waste tips

Spread the Sustainable Gospel!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is the perfect day to start thinking about our impact and what we can do, so I’ve put together eco-tips to help save the planet! Choose a few or do all to reduce your impact on our planet. Don’t forget, I also have the Zero Waste Beginner’s Guide that goes into a little more details for each task. These are both great resources for you to start living a more sustainable life.

My zero waste journey actually started on Earth Day in 2015. So today is like a Zero Waste anniversary for me! Yay!

Every Earth Day, my husband and I always tried to do something to commemorate the special day. One year we started gardening, another year we started a compost bin, we planted fruit trees, and in 2015, we decided to start the zero waste journey. Earth day has been a time where my family has made lasting, meaningful changes to our lives that have affected us in the most positive and wonderful ways. I want you to experience the same wonderful benefits to the sustainable lifestyle.

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110 Eco Tips to Save the Planet


Zero Waste Eco Tips

5 thoughts on “110 Eco Tips to Save the Planet

  1. Hey,

    thank you so much for all these tips! I like “Invest in more experiences rather than things” and “Try a manual lawn mower” are my favorites. The first one because I think it’s so much better experience something like an adventure or whatever, something that you can talk about later, that gives you a new impression of live. The second one because it’s just so much cooler than the “regular” lawn mowers. I used to have one. 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I loved all of the tips. I am curious if someone can give me more details about skipping the two day shipping. Does this refer to the waste from shipping in general or is there more waste involved in two day shipping?
    Thank you!

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